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Managing your beneficiaries online

  1. You can now easily manage your beneficiaries online, including:

    1. Adding or deleting beneficiaries
    2. Changing personal information, such as address and phone number
    3. Editing beneficiary shares and classes
    4. To change your beneficiaries by mail, simply download a Beneficiary Change form
  2. You can access these features by logging into the Customer Service Website and clicking the "Manage Beneficiaries" tab within My Coverage.

  1. To add or remove beneficiaries:

  2. Click the "Add Beneficiary" link, then follow the steps to create a new beneficiary and assign their share of your coverage benefits.

  1. To change the date of birth, address or phone number of a beneficiary:

  2. Find the beneficiary whose information you'd like to change and click the arrow next to the name to expand their details.

Then, click the links under the information you'd like to change.

  1. To edit beneficiary relationships, class or shares, or to delete a beneficiary:

  2. Click the "Edit Beneficiary Information" link at the top of the beneficiaries list.

You'll be taken to a page where you can easily edit relationship information, share percentages*, and beneficiary class.

To delete a beneficiary, click the trash can icon* on the right-hand side of the row containing the beneficiary to be deleted.

*Please note that these options are not available for beneficiaries that you have designated as "irrevocable" or Trust.

 Funeral Homes should not be added as an Organization; laws vary from state to state in regard to allowing a funeral home to be added as a beneficiary.

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